We are happy to offer everything from base grade vinyl to the latest and greatest in vinyl tile options. These floors are capable of installation over many existing surfaces and are also easy to clean and resist stains better than most other floors. Simply sweep and damp mop from time to time to keep them looking new. Offering a wide selection of beautiful vinyl flooring options, you'll find tremendous value and affordability in our assortment of vinyl floors that are durable and resistant to stains, spills and scuffs. While the look and durability has changed dramatically over the years, vinyl flooring has remained a great value and highly adaptable option for any look you can imagine. Vinyl flooring has evolved. With today's state-of-the-art technologies and digital designs, you can now find exceptional vinyl floors in every imaginable color, style and pattern.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way. While vinyl floors have always been the first choice where moisture is present, vinyl flooring can now be the first choice when it comes to fashion. Believe it or not, vinyl floors, sometimes called resilient flooring, has changed dramatically. With more design choices than any other type of flooring, more realistic designs, more durability and easier maintenance, today's vinyl floors are truly amazing.






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